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Date Started

May 13, 2010

Date Finished

May 13, 2010


This started as a prototype for a bag I wanted to make for a craft fair. Let's just say the forces of fate conspired to give me sanity instead of letting me try to churn out a gross of these bags. Inspired by the fabrics from an Diaper Bag I wanted to make a sling style back with more of a bottom and a shape to sit comfortably at the hip.

I made generous use of my french curve to style this pattern. I made two bags, and inside and outside. Then I made the green banding and sewed the two bags together to hide their seams. For the green banding, they already had their seams tucked, so I top-stiched them together to make a little lip near the top. This allowed me to sew the strap in between the two bags with some strong hidden stitches.

All said and done, I should have added a snap to the outside pockets.