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Date Started

September 05, 2012

Date Finished

October 15, 2012


Started another class at The Sewing Arts Center, to make my first pice of clothing for me. I started with the Barn Jacket pattern from Kwik Sew.

The weekly class helped me with the basics as I measured myself and assembled the jacket. The outside was done with a wool weave and the inside was a comfy brown corduroy, as I am particular about itchy things. I intended the Jacket to be for traveling, so I added 4 interior pockets and one breast pocket. When traveling, I am the person who often forgets which pocket holds what and has to quickly rummage through everything, so I used velcro for the fasteners. Tacky, yet efficient, and no one could see.

Lastly, I added epaulettes, because I love them, and I wanted something to hold my scarf while traveling.