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November 20, 2008

It was the Belgium entry to the Oscars. I saw it with Maria and Mike at the NuArt. The movie is part love story, part coming of age, part mystery with a twist, and part loner...all with an uneasy balance. It bounces between a documentary style and being narrated by the main character, who is supposed to have Asperger's Syndrome, but seemed to be more down the Autistic spectrum. He finds it hard to engage with people in the real world and retreats to a world of warcraft like online game where the rules are simpler, no faces to read, and he is a hero. You see the cruelty of kids through his eyes and watch what is difficult for a "normal" teen become impossible for one who is different. His realities start to break down with dramatic results. It is hard for me to judge the acting for foreign languages, but I was immersed. The plot and movie are original and engaging. It was not an easy watch.