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Date Started

August 13, 2009

Date Finished

August 13, 2009


My fabulous and super amazing friend Chris was having a birthday, so I wanted to make him a wine cozy; but, it had to be as fabulous as he is. The bag doesn't do him justice, but it is what I can make. Using the sew-fu that I leaned for my Paradise Bag, I got to work.

  • For my materials:
    • Two 8 strips of red beaded trim
    • Two 9 strips of clear beaded trim
    • Two 8x16 pieces of outer material
    • One 8x36 piece of liner
    • Two 8x14.5 pieces of stiff iron on interfacing.
    • On braided strap.
    • Two buttons

I took the first piece of outer material and embroidered my "Chris Enjoy Wine" pattern.

Then I took the first piece of fusing and ironed it to the embroidered outer piece, leaving 1.5' gap at the top. Then I ironed on half of the inner lining to the back, making a sandwich of liner, interfacing, outer with a 1.5 crush at the top.

I took the first set of beaded trims and sewed them to the fabric right above the interfacing. Then I rolled the 1.5 of spare fabric into a roll hem that covered where I sewed on the trim and stitched that to the fabric with a decorative top stitch.

I then folded the liner and repeated everything to the other side so that I had the two sides of the bag beaded, interfaces, and stitched together.

Then I turned the bag inside out and stitched up the sides and bottom. I had to be careful as I got to the top so that the needled didn't hit one of the beads and break.

Two needles later, I drew little one inch squares at the bottom two corners of the bag, still inside out. Using these squares as guides, I pulled the sides out to make make triangle flaps and stitched them off to make the bottom of the bag. Then I turned the bag right-side out and viola.

I attached the braided cord with the two buttons, and then stitched it on again at both sides of the mouth. These last parts I hand stitched.