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December 05, 2017

This movie is emotional and challenging. It drops you into a nostalgic, idyllic setting; gives you likable and relatable characters; then lays out a slice of life narrative that just happens to meander through a minefield of sexual, social, ethical, and very human issues. It is one of those very rare movies that can work a cold, clinical think piece (ala Kubrick) and also a highly emotional and personal experience. It reminded me a lot of "Velvet Goldmine," which is about re-experiencing a time in music, this is about re-experiencing your first time falling in love. The movie presents scenes that you can just go over again and again in your mind. It is not haunting as much as it is asking your to re-experience the neuroticism of being a teenager in love, where you second guess every action, though, and glance. You don't just see a first love, it tries to get you to feel it. That said, it also presents some potentially troubling aspects of relationships, but never devolves into sensationalism or moral ambiguity.