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Date Started

September 03, 2012

Date Finished

September 17, 2012


Originally, this was to be part of a Sound of Music costume. I was inspired by the book,Party Dress, which turned out to be amazing. It gave me simple and direct instructions and a lot of freedom. The goal of the project was to make something from a custom block form. So more than the corset, it was the 8 to 10 or so blocks that I made for the model to get the fit and seaming right, but the project gives you a much better feeling for how the body works. In other words, get the book!

The corset itself is polyester, but if you are going to experiment, do it on a budget. It is three layers, and the inside is muslin with the boning sewn in to give the the form. The outer layer was embroidered. The back is done with a lace up.

I added a panel that sits between the lacing and the wearer, and has loops that allow it to be fastened shut with buttons, sort of like a fly. This allows the lacing to adjust size, but gives a little extra modesty of not having your back showing.