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Date Started

April 07, 2012

Date Finished

April 08, 2012


After watching some videos on the Internet, making ties seemed fun and simple. 3 hours max, they promised. Never before has "I read it on the Internet," been more applicable. LIES! Everything was a lie.

Being me, I wanted to do a tie with a twist. My idea was to sew little USB thumb drives into the narrow side, so the tie would be a fashion statement and an easy way to always have 16GB of storage. It felt very James Bond.

I tried two fabrics, a woven wool plaid and a classic tie silk. Let me tell you, tie silk is an evil beast that runs and slips at all possible opportunities. The wool on the other hand, was obedient end ended up creating a nice, crisp and preppy number. The silk looks great from the front, but don't look at the back. I never managed to get it's lining to come to the nice sharp point.