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Date Started

April 01, 2010

Date Finished

April 01, 2010


On of my friends from work is having her second baby, and she also likes owls; so I made her this diaper bag.

It started out based upon a pattern from Amy Butler, who does a lot of homey quilt patterns. Amy's pattern was huge, and my friend is tiny; so, I scaled down the straps and the bag a little. I also updated the outside pocket to hold an iPhone, replacing the flip phone sized original pocket. Finally, Amy only had one pattern outside of the bag and one for the internal.

Not nearly busy enough.

So I added the green band and used another fabric for the outside pocket and handles. This I got my owls, trees, and "grassy green" all into one bag. I used some pre-made green piping from joanne's to make the green band pop and to give it more texture. I re-used the green band for the top of the pocket and did a satin stitch to place it on the bag.

The whole bag is really made twice, as the handles, bag, and band are all inside and out, sewn together like pillows. This allowed me to also add finished inside pockets. When it comes to bags, you can never have enough pockets to loose things in!