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Date Started

June 01, 2013

Date Finished

February 13, 2015


This thing had a long genesis. It started when I saw a $3,000 Alexis Bittar mask. It was leather and covered with Swarovski, so leather and glass for $3,000! I thought, there is no real precious materials and I could make one just as cool for much cheaper. So it was more a project born out of being cheap than anything else. The Bittar mask was amazing and resembled an Aztec death mask.

For mine I used vinyl and foam to make a comfortable base. I used stain glass wire to give it a more rigid shape. The original mask was based more on a greek drama mask and had a bottom jaw that allowed me to talk. It looked very creepy.

I decided this look needed to go clubbing, so I built a helmut off of the mask to make it cover my whole head. The "jewels" were glued on one by one with E6000 (learn it and learn it well!). I added some latex deer antlers I found in a costume shop. They were painted black to match the base vinyl and also bejeweled. The bejeweling was the longest part, taking several weeks of adding each gem one by one and letting the glue set.

One it was done, I coated the whole thing in several layers of acrylic epoxy resin.

The initial Mask