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Date Started

August 21, 2010

Date Finished

September 09, 2010


I fantasize about being an amazing draper. It is called fantasizing, because in reality I am not. I got this really amazing piece of silk print at a good price and some coordinating nude organza. I imagined a draped gown with some dramatic ruffle or some such.

In a total "make it work" frenzy, the gown ended up as a blouse. The shape is really simple, and the one thing I learned is to not torture silk into shapes but instead let the material dictate what it can do. All of my pleats and tucks were much better served by a simple hanging neckline. My trusty serger finished the seems nicely and a jeweled buckle became a neck clasp. The nude organza became my neck and my giant ruffled collar was toned down into a simple ruffle under the clasp. Nice thing about a blouse like this is that you don't have to worry about matching jewelry.