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October 02, 2010

DON'T! That is the first thing I can say about this movie. The open credits are spectacular, and it is just a long trip down after that. Scenes from the movie still stick out as visually amazing, and the director attempts a conceit that really would have been amazing if he could have even gotten half way there. I am sure that film buffs can talk about it's video game "rail shooter" aesthetic, it's gritty Tokyo vision, etc. But the movies was boring and banal. It's visual symbolism was so obvious and sophomoric there were more like sight gags. To say the acting was bad was to pretend that they even attempted to act. The whole story is explained in the first 10 minutes in a clumsy 1 minute plot exposition. After that, it is 2 hours and 20 minutes of a third rate rip off of the stargate sequence from 2010. The most strobbing effects I saw were from people checking their phones to see how much loner. I am sure people will want to act like it was controversial..look sex and drugs. I have the Internet, I can watch people have sex...attractive people...with better plots!