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Date Started

March 26, 2009

Date Finished

March 26, 2009

After my Owl and Stripe Beach Bag, I was on the hunt for Alexander Henry prints. I saw scraps for this cheeky print in a local store and I had a friend with a birthday coming up--total kismet.


This bag was made more like a sandwich bag than a grocery bag, so its construction was simpler than the Owl and Stripe Beach Bag. I used scrap canvas from it to make the lining. I only put in a single internal pocket. After that I quilted together the scraps of firemen to make outside pieces that were big enough.


The tricky part for me was that this was my first zipper. I used a small zig-zap stitch to attach a 14 inch zipper. Like all of my projects, liberal use of Stick Witchery iron-on tape allowed me to baste all of the pieces before sewing so that the zipper would go in evenly.