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Date Started

November 27, 2014

Date Finished

December 06, 2014


This was exciting, I spun my own yarn. What made it really cool was the wheel is a family heirloom from 1875. My aunt had recenty given it to my mom, and it had been a great great aunts back on the homestead. My mother has an embroidered table cloth made of flax grown on that homestead, spun on this wheel, then woven and embroidered by its original owner.

Now I had a chance to reach back through all of those years and people and literally, spin my own part of the wheel's yarn.

Not being a very experienced spinner, I wasn't much good. There just happened to be a spinning open house the weekend I was home, so we went and met betty. Crafters are the nicest people. She gave a personal spinning lesson and showed me the basics. We grabbed some practice white roving and some great dyed stuff for when I was ready.

I was off! After my first skein of white, I dove for the dyed which spun into these great jewel toned skeins.