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June 11, 2020

This movie so deliciously pre-dates any concept of trigger warnings. I harkens to punk art and confronting and challenging: society, the viewer, and the conversation in general. Everything is terrible, garish, overdone and brilliant. From the music to the whole esthetic, it skips between surreal and beautiful to punishing. Underneath all the impact and effect, is a real story of people as predators. Dressed up like tropical space warriors; people hunt for the next high, the next escape, the next affirmation, the next victim. People are means to your next end in a nihilistic hedonism that provides numbness and not pleasure. In the center, the main character dares us to look at her and cast our impressions upon her. She is a blank, painted by the audience, but defiantly refusing to be defined. What is gender, consent, murder, commerce, power?