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January 05, 2013

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January 05, 2013


I have a sick, sick addiction to Tuesday Morning. It's like my own personal "Let's Make a Deal," I open the door and never know what prizes I may find. Secretly, I am still hoping to win the goat!

I always feel like the merchandise in Tuesday Morning is like the characters from the Island of Misfit toys. They are the unloved throw-aways who just need a home and someone to love them. So when I saw a $50 Kenmore sewing machine, I adopted it.

The poor little thing, he didn't have a cover or case to wear. So his first project was to make his own cover out of some test muslin. We made stripes from various colored thread to make it more festive. I used snaps so it could fasten like a giant envelope and let me use the machines handle to carry it. I had never done snaps before. If I had realized what a snap they are, I would probably look like a Pearly King, but with snaps instead of buttons.