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I Am Legend

31 Dec, 2007

I saw it on the Prominade with Joe and Keith. The first half was amazing with the scenes of NYC in ruins, but it quickly unravels. You watch a weird clausterphobia of a lone man, dog, sports car, and gun roam a whole city that's emptiness is smothering, But then out pops the first terrible CGI zombie, and it looks like something from the Universal City Mummy ride. Then all the other baddies are just as bad. Now out pops a older sister and a boy and some very thin reason to care, a speech about Bob Marlie, then end with a "doesn't every NYC two story walkup have a bat lab in the basement" scene. Go watch Omega Man instead.

The Golden Compass

15 Dec, 2007

Talking polar bears, blimps, witches, Nicole Kidman...I know, I know. It should have been heaven. If the sequels survive long enough to see them, I will. But the movie was a mess.


08 Dec, 2007

Fun fluff that was amuzing, but not as good as Knocked Up.


21 Nov, 2007

Saw this at home with the family. It was a lot better than I expected. In fact, it was charming. Disney knows their genre and really had fun spinning it on its head.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

27 Oct, 2007

I have only seen this movie in the theater, and only director's cuts. It was my second time, and even better than the first. how many movies can brag of that?

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

13 Oct, 2007

It was a costumer/music video in search of more of a plot. The over-played love story and the weak political thriller should have been flipped. But I did get a chance to check out the Landmark's was nice, but not worth the extra dollars. The screen was underwhelming.

Across the Universe

29 Sep, 2007

Another Billingly's to Landmark spectacular. It's a Beatles musical, so you know you are going to love the music. Also, after watching Titus, I was excited for this director's next movie. It was fun. It was a delusionally spaced trip through Beatlesmania. It was all sorts of timely; unjust wars, destruction of youth, hope, and potential; beating people in love. Just the kind of thing people need to see.

Sydney White

23 Sep, 2007

Well, what can you say? Teen Angst Sunday. Shelli, sushi, movie, and a fifth of liquid teenergery. Oh, the movie was cute.


15 Sep, 2007

Saw it on the Promenade. After this movie, I just couldn't stop the beat. I normally hate John Travolta, and he was great in this movie. A lot was cut from the musical and the original movie; but it lead to a well paced and fun adventure.

Becoming Jane

25 Aug, 2007

Dinner at Billingsley, a nice walk, then movie at the Landmark. Had fun at Power Animie ala the mall. The movie was great. OMG, who knew that Anne could act!!! I laughed out loud like 20 times; witty, pretty, touching, and really well done!


18 Aug, 2007

I was excited to see this movie. I mean, it has witches and blimps! Michelle Pfeiffer was delicious. The movie was exciting and cheeky. I wonder how well its humor will age? We has a dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Ocean, then headed over to the AMC7. Mmmm, White Diamonds Cocktails then Stardust!

The Simpsons Movie

27 Jul, 2007

It was good, but not great. Saw it opening night on the promenade at 10:15pm...sleepy!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

11 Jul, 2007

Ummm, sure. It was okay. Harry was a complete rip off of young luke skywalker...except even more worthless. And you can disable a wizard by knocking away his wand? I thought he made that glass disappear in the first movies just by wanting it enough. maybe he didn't to save his friends enough. Why don't they just tie their wands to their wrist. A five year old with a wii-mote playing the video game is better armed then Harry. And seriously, did he just bet the bad guy with a Care Bear Stare? Nope, because then he would have at least shot a beam from his chest.


20 Jun, 2007

It exceeded all of my expectations, and I went in with high ones. Saw it at the new Landmark Westside...oh la la. Then we went out for french food. It is how I like to start the 10 days of Bastille!

Knocked Up

17 Jun, 2007

I went with Shelli on a lazy Sunday. I laughed so much I almost peed on myself like a pregnant lady. It was so funny, because I swear I know the people this is based on...and I don't have to hang out with them any more.


16 Jun, 2007

Westside Landmark...almost done. It was okay. I love this director, but it was repetitive. I loved the beginning...not so much the rest.

Day Watch

09 Jun, 2007

The sequel to a great russian movie. I once again, loved it for the subtitles alone. Very fun!

Pan's Labrynth

24 May, 2007

Magical journey of a girl? NO! Gross movie full of gross things, sadistic people, and a little girl that hope dies in every horrible way possible. What makes it suck even she lives almost the whole movie. Enough already!

28 Weeks Later

22 May, 2007

First, it was scary! Second, kill those damned kids. Third, they moved back?!? Forth, snipers was your big security plan?!?


17 May, 2007

Not the best, not the funniest; but defiantly something different. saw it at the Arclight w/ Joe and Laura.

The Lives of Others

10 May, 2007

It was in German. It was subtitled. It was an Oscar winner. It was a Golder Bear winner (Munish's Oscar). It was also GREAT! It was long, but each second was worth it. It was a totally alien world that was not so long ago and not so far away.


09 May, 2007

Saw it opening night at the Mann's Chinese. It was so not right. They has muscle models outside and were passing out condoms that read "Prepare for Glory" Waited in line with Joe and Laura after a week long I was tired and it started at 12:01. The movie was okay...if you replace abs for acting. It was fun.

Spider-Man 3

04 May, 2007

Toby is emo (and kinda chubby), Dunst is needy, and everyone else is forgettable. It was like 4 movies in 1: Spider-man, sandman, goblin; then all their alter-identities and sub-plots. I've seen clearer telenovias, and I don't speak spanish.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

13 Apr, 2007

Well, it had all of your favorites. All of the random, badly animated bit characters were there. I was amazed they made it go for a whole 1.5hrs. The opening snack song was the best. I saw the late show w/ Joe and Laura

The Queen

09 Feb, 2007

It was great! I saw it on the promenade and immediately had to buy tea right afterwards.
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