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Tin Tin

31 Dec, 2011

Meh. It would have been a good animation for children, but it was so photo-realistic, that the implausibility of it kept bumping up against you. It behaved like no live action should. Wait, there is a 16 year old with a gun and a drunk sea captain whose belches fuel planes? When it looked so real, it came off so fake. You loose the suspension of disbelief that cartoons have.

The Help

21 Dec, 2011

This movies was exactly what you would expect, in the long line of spunky outcast from the majority throws her lot in with the downtrodden minorities with which she identifies. Common ground is found, new bonds forged, and a whole wakes up to tolerance and hails the former outcast as a hero. Emotionally a happy movie, but easily could be seen as offensively simple. Then again people, it is a popcorn movie, it's not trying to be a sociology lesson. It was effective of evoking a time that seems so far away, and yet, as you watch all the house help and nanny's of today while listening to politicians blabber about the immigration problem... the time doesn't seem that far away at all.

The Muppets

10 Dec, 2011

It was a cute re-introduction of the classic franchise. As a fan, I wanted more of the core muppets and less of the human stars. For the new kids, the humans probably made the muppets much more relatable. The core subversive humor was still there, but not as sassy as the olden days. All in all, it was a very welcome return.


14 Nov, 2011

Ho hum. It was pretty, and that is about all. It is plodding and badly acted. The "bow" in question looks an effect made by Swarovski more than by the Gods.


12 Nov, 2011

A straight up bodice ripper with a great cast of under-recognized actors. Its liberal concern with historical accuracy allows for it to stay at near political thriller and avoid plodding along. Beautiful to watch. Shakespeare himself was probably the weakest link.

The Three Musketeers

22 Oct, 2011

It seemed like such a good idea. Me and two good friends...we are the three musketeers. MIlla doing stylized martial arts in impossible costumes. Not of it was. Most everyone came off as boring and it was like a deflated fith element.


15 Oct, 2011

This is not so much as a movie with a plot as a series of vignettes about the main character's youth. The whole thing is really stifled by the fact that the main character is not really likable and you end up rooting for his "evil" stepmother. I like tot hink that I hat HBC in real life, but I loved her in this movie...proves what good acting can do.

What's Your Number

08 Oct, 2011

What can I say, I am sucker for Anna Ferris. She is slapstick funny without going into pratfalls, yet she comes of as ditzy and smart. This raunchy fem-comedy follows a good year for the new genre. It came off as a mild riff on The Proposal in terms of mismatches pair + sexy scenes == comedy. All in all, an okay matinee.

I Don't Know How She Does It?

24 Sep, 2011

After watching this movie, I thought the title referred to how does Sarah Jessica Parker keep getting work? The whole idea comes off as let's do SitC, but dump those three other slags. It tries so hard to be so charming and ends up so boring.

Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame

03 Sep, 2011

To call it over the top would be an understatement. It had all the classic Kung-Fu drama tropes: court intrigue, twisted plots, rare and deadly poisons, and long standing blood feuds. It also hit on any good spy movie complete with convoluted weapon. As sub-titled movies go, I never know if the acting is good or bad, but it was pretty to watch.

Fright Night

06 Aug, 2011

David Tennent Squeeeee! The movie was super good fun. It was scary and gory enough to be enjoyable without making me have to see it in daylight. It was solid with some really sparkly moments of fun and thrill.

The Green Lantern

18 Jun, 2011


It was NOT good. It wasn't even enough of anything to be bad. It was like a vanilla scented candle. Everything you expect, and nothing you could bother to care about.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

16 Jun, 2011

Ho hum. The whole thing just seemed to loose steam. The last movies felt like a dreary travelogue. For once, Harry wasn't whiney, but Voldemort was also not scary.

The Trip

11 Jun, 2011

Hmmm, sounded brilliant on NPR. The whole thing was a beautiful travel film turned study in awkward un-friendship. The whole thing was a litany of solid acting, intelligent humor, and cringe-worthy sad people.

Xmen First Class

06 Jun, 2011

In still have perfect attendance for Xmen opening nights. This was well worth it...especially after 3. The "reboot" returned to the perfected Marvel formula of a couple strong actors, non-distracting minor characters acting more like human scenery than telanovias with their own tortured back story, and eschewing grand effects for good character development. Plus the 60's shag was a plus.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

04 Jun, 2011

It turns out 4 is the magic number, at least for stalled franchises returning to former formula that made them successful summer fun. Jack is back for a treasure he never intended on and ironically will with minimal ridiculously overdone fight scenes.

Jane Eyre

26 May, 2011

I didn't remember it being so intense, but the movie did a great job of engaging me. I was impressed by the acting, and well, pretty much everything about it. It was gorgeous and chilling.

Batman Returns

14 May, 2011

Catwoman Michelle electrified, but the rest of this bat-double feature left me fizzled. The Batman himself really seemed to stand the test of time, but the rest of the movie left me wondering why I liked it so much. So much for nostalgia. Something you think I would have learned from re-watching Xanadu!


13 May, 2011

This movie EXACTLY what you expect, which is so much better than most comedies can carry off. It balanced vulgar with sweet and was pretty feel good. During what would normally be terribly awkward moments, the insane one-upmanship of the cast took it from awkward right into hilarious.


06 May, 2011

He is the god of thunder...he comes from a land down under. Seriously, the Norse god is played by an aussie and I like 80's music. And like 80's music, this movie was unadulterated bubblegum-pop fun. Don't look for any deep Marvel meanings, but do stay to the VERY end.


23 Apr, 2011

OF COURSE I LOVED IT! It starts and ends in a musical death-disco staged in various Berlin locations. It is about a super smart kick-ass girl who is gonna tangle with Cate Blanchet over some sort of super-spy parental rights or some such. Eric Bana makes me care that he is in this movie (Unlike Star Trek). He is a plausible bad-ass himself. But Hanna is empathetic while terrifying. LOVED IT!


22 Mar, 2011

It was exactly what you wanted from a teen angst movie...with a little something extra. There is a dance-off, racially insensitive stereotypes used for good, bad outfits, over the top acting...and a hermaphrodite.


05 Mar, 2011

NO! Not Tron legacy, the good one! They showed it at the aero in a glorious 70mm print with many of the writers and directors talking about the experience. Their time making a movie seemed very relavent to the world of making anything today, especially software.

Ocean's 11

29 Jan, 2011

It is always good to go to the source, but the original doesn't seem top bear up to the remake. The best part was seeing some sort of Vegas from 60's, some sort of cheaper and simpler Vegas. Unlike the remake, there is no justification for the heist, and also unlike the remake, there is not a good ending.

Bite Marks

28 Jan, 2011

It might have been severe sleep deprivation, but I really liked this for what it was. It promised to be wrong on so many levels...and it was. With some judicious editing, this could be a solid cult classic.

The King's Speech

22 Jan, 2011

I cannot stand Helena Bonham Carter, but she was so enjoyable in this movie. That is acting! The moment in history was so right before when my popular references begin, so it was like a prequel to history in the 21st century. Against this epic background, the personal struggle of a man who is part of the history.

The Illusionist

17 Jan, 2011

So confused, where is the guy from American History X? Oh, this is another Illusionist, but much more depressing. It was amazing to watch and the animation was so expressive, but wow; bring prozac.

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