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The Hobbit - Part II: The Desolation of Smaug

26 Dec, 2013

This movie couldn't end fast enough. I was in for a penny, and in for a pound from the first one – so I thought it might be worth it. Ugh! Scenes just go one. At one point, watching all the characters escape a troll cave was like watching an elaborate, very long, game of Donkey Kong.

This movie is to Peter Jackson what jam sessions are to Jazz musicians.


14 Dec, 2013

Reindeer are better than people! I am not sure what was better, watching the movie or watching little girls loose their minds as they sang and danced along. I loved every minute of it. It had the new Disney tongue in cheek humor, respect for the their traditions and characters, fresh twists; and music that left me humming well after the lights went up.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

23 Nov, 2013

Call me an addict, this movie was way better than it should be. It is teen drama that was fun to watch. You actually like the people. It was Steve Jackson looooong, but i didn't notice it. I was left hanging at the end. (Hobbit, you are another story...get an editor!)

Thor 2: The Dark World

09 Nov, 2013

So, this is what Christopher Eccleston was doing instead of the 50th Doctor Who special. Not sure I can back up his choice. Under that mask, it could have been Joan Rivers. The movie was cute and silly, a sunday lazy day matinee at best.


12 Oct, 2013

I am surprised by how polarizing this movie is. It is essentially a one woman play in real time. You get a very economic 90 minutes, no back story, no flash backs, no jumps to the future. You get 90 minutes of watching Sandra Bullock do her thing in Zero G. I thought it was beautiful and spiritual in a vanilla zen way.

Haut Cousine

29 Sep, 2013

This was a small and fun movie. You got to look at the intrigues of french politics via food. Is it the battle of the sexes? A political thriller? Food porn? All of the above!

In a World

10 Aug, 2013

A great premise and a fun view inside of a world (pun intended) that I never gave much thought to. Watching her study voices and explain "up speak" are worth the ticket price alone. This is an understated gem.


10 Aug, 2013

The movie looked nice. Nothing after the credits started made a lot of sense, nor did Jodie Foster's accent. I haven't heard an accent their weird since Julianne Moore in Big Lebowski.

The Wolverine 2

26 Jul, 2013

Of course I was going to see this. Sam and Keith at the Landmark. It was, as promised, pretty action, archetype characters, and marvel fun...don't look too deep for reason.


20 Jul, 2013

If you liked the first, you will like this too. At the landmark. Being the second movie, the humor and silliness of being old people is thin, however, watching the dead-pan relationship advice from fellow spies kept me amused. Anthony Hopkins is an amazing addition.

20 Feet from Stardom

20 Jul, 2013

It was surprising story and delightful people. It is shock to understand how much of pop music was powered by this small group of ladies. Beyond the people, it was fascinating to see behind the evolution of music that made these women near-stars and the changes since.

World War Z

22 Jun, 2013

Zombie movie, what is not to love? Well, this one. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. It was two movies crammed together. Each could have stood on it's own...but didn't. The only cool thing is see the W.H.O. Doctor, who is the new Doctor Who.

Monsters University

22 Jun, 2013

I have still not seen the first movie, but this one won me over. It was twisted and un-obvious enough to keep me intrigued, yet it followed the pixar formula of friendship, endurance, passion, and hard work.

Vogue: The Editor's Eye

15 Jun, 2013

Not nearly as self-serving as Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's, but still a love letter from itself to itself. Nothing really insightful, other than these people feel very overworked. Some of the characters are really fun. The documentary seemed short, which I guess means I liked watching it.

Superman: Man of Steel

15 Jun, 2013

Super fun, super neat to watch, and at times, super cheesy. This was a mixed effort. Some bits were really brilliant, which made the amateurish moments really stand out too.

Clash of the Titans

08 Jun, 2013

The second half of a double feature which fell flat. I could have lived without ever seeing this one.

Jason and the Argonauts

08 Jun, 2013

Part of a monster double feature, this 1963 throw back took me aback. I was expecting much less and found it fun, well paced, and thrilling. It is certainly dated, but in many wonderful ways. The temple priestess was something Kirk would seduce in Star Trek.


27 May, 2013

Old movie, wonderful treat. Jimmie Stewart is at the height of his game. All around charming and intimate cast. The whole things seems quant. It would have been flat and slightly disturbing if Stewart didn't make you believe the whole thing, especially Harvey.

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman's

25 May, 2013

As a documentary, it came off more like an informercial. While a fun look at the store and full of mostly amusing anecdotes, there was no story or drama. You never really end up wondering about the designers who try to make it, you don't fret if the windows will be done for the holidays, you don't discover a secret tension between personal shoppers and sales assistents. It just is a long and mildly amusing party with no real revelations.

The Great Gatsby

24 May, 2013

Looking for another Moulin Rouge, this one fails. While the movie is beautiful, it is never fun. Even when Toby tells you how much he loves NYC and it is the golden city where anything can happen, he seems depressed. You never find yourself lost in the roar of the 20s, lost with the characters in a moment. Everything is a long, slow creep towards something sad. The movie is a long, flat, one note--meehhhhh.

Star Trek Into Darkness

18 May, 2013

Yes! Yes! Yes! In keeping with my tradition of seeing all of these movies in the theaters, this one did not disappoint. Better than #1. I guess they are going for the even odd rule again.
To be fair, #1 was a low bar; and this one was so heavy handed that I am sure that it knocked #1 around a little to seem better.

The Exorcist

11 May, 2013

First time to see the movie. It was at the revival movie theater. The effects haven't aged well, which made it so it wasn't too scary. I imagine if I had seen it when it came out, I would have flipped my lid. Parts were very effective, others not so much. I was more horrified by medicine and how they treated the mom than the actual demon.

Iron Man 3

04 May, 2013

The third installment of the story of Tony Stark, and it is still good. RDJr is able to still charm you and deliver a character who is compelling, crass, and someone you can begrudgingly root for.

Leave It on the Floor

28 Apr, 2013

A solid B+ movie. Rough patches and homegrown moments are well made up by some innovative moments and jaw-dropping scenes.

Oz the Great and Powerful

09 Mar, 2013

Watch for all the Sam Rami moments, because he taps into all of his old tricks. The movie is beautiful to behold, when the CGI and 3D cheese isn't reminding you that you are watching people trying to act in front of a video game. As for the acting, unfortunately it got better as you hid more of it behind the CGI.


28 Feb, 2013

I watched because a lot people said that this was very original and exciting. Let's say it just didn't live up to the hype. It felt like a lot of old Burton was thrown into a blender and remixed. Nothing really stood out.

Beautiful Creatures

16 Feb, 2013

As terrible as this movie was, it was still way better than Twilight. The movie was not over the top enough to be really enjoyable as camp, nor was it teen-angsty enough to be cheesy. It was middle all the way around – which was a terrible place to be.


12 Jan, 2013

In is like the Happy Marigold Hotel – lots of amazing old people finding life again. Except, they are not happy-go-lucky. They are in a dreary English house and not spice India. They are angry, hurt, and dotty. Real warmth and amazing moments bring the shine to what should be a rather somber movie, which left me conflicted.

Hyde Park on Hudson

05 Jan, 2013

What was to be my second in war time presidents marathon turned out to be a bomb of its own. This awkward film, based upon diaries and letters of the narrator, cannot decide what it is. It is like 10 movies in one, each with a different style and pace. The whole thing left me bored and a little creeped out.


05 Jan, 2013

Clocking in at a similar runtime to the Hobbit, it felt nowhere near as long. The film was like a Passions of the Christ for patriots as we watch the humanity and conviction of Lincoln. Instead of giving us a historical account, it gave us an insight into the political and moral mind of the man. At the end, I half expected the Disney voice to thank us for joining him in "Great Moments with Lincoln"
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