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July 17, 2015

Ian and Laura are on an LA Q&A tour to get support for the release of Mr. Holmes. Depending upon how it does this weekend, it will or won't get major release. It's the business behind the movie business. Great tidbits from the Q&A were Laura explaining what makes her choose a project ("I like stories that are actable. So many are written to be green lit, not acted"), Ian saying the character he relates to most ("I like Gandalf the Grey more than Gandalf the White, but Gandalf the Gay is my favorite), and them both talking about stage right and the essential need to fail in order to grow as an actor.


The movie itself was a quite BBC Masterpiece Theater style production. It could have been a stage drama translated to screen. The settings and direction are gorgeous, each scene could be lifted for an art photo. But the script and story always stay quite and you never feel like an adventure, as much as listening to a story from a grandparent. 

Q&A with Ian McKellen and Laura Linney