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Date Started

March 19, 2015

Date Finished

March 20, 2015


This was another "statement" piece for a night at a club. The idea was a giant gauzy headpiece that would have an ombre of rhinestones, heavy at the top and then fading to sparse black. The inside is a cage of black rigilene boning to make the shoulder harness and bubble. I made a rigilene "headband" to hold the bubble in place over the center of the head.

The whole thing is draped with about 25 yards of black tulle, where I tried to keep only a few layers around a place to look through. After drapping, I sewed in tucks and pleats to the underlying cage. Next I glued on left over gem stones from Disco Deer.

Things I found out: gorilla tape is a lie! It seems like it will hold all night, but I had multiple structural failures. Also, sewing the rigilene didn't help either. If I do this again, there will be staples involved. When testing it at home, I could easily see from inside the dark bubble into my lit room. However, club lights and strobes turn this into an opaque aurora borealis. So I spent most of the night "alone" in my list bubble.