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August 03, 2023

If you have a cool report on Oppenheimer, and hope to watch a movie instead of reading a biography, then this is NOT the movie for you. The movie doesn't explain anything or give a clear narrative in a clear, historical flow. It doesn't set the scene, explain the historical context, or even give you much idea about the main players. Instead of focusing on a factual narrative, it puts you into the mind an emotions of Oppenheimer. It tries to connect you to the truth of the experience more than the truth of the events.

There is a scene where Oppenheimer sees cubist Picasso portrait of a woman. The painting is a metaphor for the whole film. You could never tell what the woman really looked like from the portrait. but it did explore a more esthetic level of truth about the subject. This film is a cubist biography. You will not learn about the facts, but you will connect to the esthetics.