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Date Started

June 13, 2009

Date Finished

June 13, 2009

Sam and I decided to take a class together at the Sewing Arts Center which would show us how to make a "Paradise Bag." We leaned abut magnetic snaps, purse feet, boning, and a bunch of other sneaky tricks of the bag making trade. Watch out Kate Spade, we are gunning for you!

Sam took to it naturally and was actually the first one finished, and her bag was immaculate. Of course, she did grow up in a sewing sweat shop.

Our instructor, Russell, was also great. The class was fun and full of good ideas and helpful tricks. I would heartily recommend this class, or any of their classes, to people who wanted to improve their techniques and have a good time at it.

The Paradise bag was fun because we got to combine three different patterns. Some people went complimentary, but I wanted three very different things that just kind of worked. At least I thought that they did. Then we learned how to layer fusing and structural components to give our bag structure and tailoring.