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Date Started

September 21, 2014

Date Finished

October 24, 2014


Halloween again, and time for the LACMA Costume Ball! This year's theme was Living Art, so go as a piece of art. Playing to the home town advantage, I went as Jesus Soto's immediately recognizable installation.

I used a light grid as the basis to hang all the teflon cords. I built a white harness and suspension for the grid from wooden rods I had painted white. The top of the rods used velcro straps so that i could easily remove and adjust the grid. I used over 6,000 feet of tubing in varying widths to emulate the real Penetrable. I used thicker tubes at the edges and thinner tubes in the middle to create the illusion of more depth.

The whole thing weighed list a little over 22 lbs, but unlike last years Scooby Doo Diver, I could breath, talk, and drink!