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Date Started

June 21, 2010

Date Finished

June 27, 2010


A friend of mine mentioned that she needed an over the top church hat for a formal Tea. I happened to spot some pheasant feathers and the next thing you know, I had an overwhelming urge for haberdashery!

I ended up more 40's Vogue (I like to imagine) than Sunday Spectacular. I modeled a skullcap with a asymmetrical "sideburn" and a scalloped back that would sit on top of a veil. I did a couple models in muslin that went to do the real thing from Velvet.

I lined the whole thing with horse hair for stiffness and for a nod to the power of weave. The edges were piped in red velvet...which I don't think I will ever do again. It was not good with small details. I had to really wrestle with it.

I sewed little hair barrets inside, which hold onto the veil. So, you can wear it with or without the veil. But more is more!