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Date Started

January 07, 2017

Date Finished

January 28, 2017


This is actually two items: a wrap and a sweater. I found a length of semi-felted wool plaid that was almost like a blanket.

The wrap is essentially a 3.5'' by 6'' rectangle of fabric. I serged all four of the sides, and attached a exaggerated zipper to the 3.5'' foot sides so it could zip up to make a tube. I then fastened leather straps to make small loops across the right side of the fabric, along one edge. The loops allow the wrap to be fasted by o-clips into various styles. It can be worn as a poncho, a wrap with huge shoulders, or more of a cape style.

The seater is made of the same material using a raglan t-shirt pattern. I extended the sleeves. I used leatherette binding tape for the trim on the shoulder and cuffs. I used a small loop of bias tape to disguise the joins. Because the fabric has no give, I put in zippers along the side seam so I could more easily get it off and on.