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12 Dec, 2018

Man, I wanted this movie so badly. I have three words though, "Not Wonder Woman." They really try for back story for him, his mom, the bad guy, the local dog catcher – I mean, someone set their pathos gun for whore. And like Marge's overdone makeup, it was too thick and too sloppy. Aquaman is 110% likeabl. You want to see more of him, just maybe in a different movie.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

06 Dec, 2018

My long haul flight was becoming a Paul Rudd mini-fest. Like his other movie, this is witty at points but never great. Paul Rudd is the leading man who never quit gets you across the line. He is always likable and plays a male version of manic-depressive pixie; where he modulates between hyper mellow and freaking out.

Ideal Home

06 Dec, 2018

This one gets the full "I was on a plane" excuse, and it was a long flight. The best part where the end credits. Not being snarky, but the montage of real families felt more genuine than anything else. The movie had a couple of laugh worthy moments, but it would be like trying to have an emotional moment from AbFab. It's hard to root for something that seems so dysfunction. So as a family movie, it s a flop. As a mildly funny comedy, it's better that most other things on the plane.

War With The Newts

18 Oct, 2018

This play, based on the book by Karel Capek's novel was minimalist and engrossing. I haven't stopped rehashing it in my head since I have seen it. With just a cast of three and some very clever staging – you are engrossed in a comically surreal, yet all too close to home, journey through our own news. Watch as human behavior fails us.

Won't You Be My Neighbor

23 Sep, 2018

This is a well made documentary hits all the right spots. It touches on nostalgia, but uncovers a complex and incredible human being who shared his life with so many of us. It brought forth the thoughts and courage it took and echoed the lessons he imparted. It left you with all the emotions. The movie and his message seem very timely for now and remind us all that we are really neighbors and what it takes to behave like one.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

18 Aug, 2018

Man, people are loving this movie like it was Skyfall or something. It was good, but formulaic. You never feel the danger or the edge, because it feels like a crowd pleaser. It is a long, enjoyable, and well made string of impossible action sequences. The plot exposition is as breathy fast paced (and as improbably) as the action sequences. It is a great popcorn film.

American Animals

16 Aug, 2018

This quirky crime film is part heist, part documentary, and part made up. Either way, the whole package is fun. There are some painful moments, but that is what keeps it grounded in reality and not escapist fantasy. It reminds you that adventures have consequences and well meaning people can still be jerks. You cannot leave and not feel like you have not know some of these people in your life.

Deadpool 2

16 Aug, 2018

Just yes! Yes! This movie is exactly what it promises – gratuitous in every way. A guilty delight.


10 Aug, 2018

The nostalgia and 70's setting put you at ease, as you watch a terrible moment of recent history. Like all good horror movies, it starts by presenting us with an idyllic setting of a town. Then the bad things start to happen – but it isn't anything supernatural. It is just good old fashioned American hate. Then like any feel good adventure, our heros and the power of friendship save the day. Then Spike Lee gives you the last five minutes and reminds you, we are still living in the horror movie of our own making.

Incredibles 2

27 Jul, 2018

I forgot how much the mom's voice bothers me. Alas, I didn't stay up for the whole film. I will update this when I re-watch it.

King Lear

14 Jul, 2018

A thrilling chance to see Shakespeare's King Lear performed by Sir Ian McKellen. London't Duke of York Theater is amazingly small, so you are standing next to everything. It wrenched all of the tragedy and anger out of you. It made you worry about parents growing old and the thoughts of people passed on. It made you hate sibling rivalry, and doubt that there is any lasting goodness in man.

Ian McKellen did all of that and more.


09 Jun, 2018

Its the time of year for documentaries. You think you are going in for some light and fluffy fashion and you leave with a scathing statement on western civilizations inhumanity. McQueen himself is fascinating. He bounced between bipolar extremes and drags a circus of talent with him in his wake. He also generates cash and fame as a byproduct, addictive to all who follow. He burns himself out – and everyone around seems to see it coming to its inevitable conclusion. Whether because of the gravy train, fear of being excommunicated by Lee, or simply not knowing what to do: the world failed him and let another man die of suicide. He had a unique vision of people and history and was able to communicate it through forms and shapes of his clothes – but he could not be saved.

Avengers: Infinity War

27 Apr, 2018

I thought I was watching the Return of the King of the series, and instead it turned out to be The Two Towers. It was about 2 hours of setting up for the next story arc in the MCU. What should have been dramatic, came of like every season ender in a soap opera where you are left wondering how they will reverse what they just showed you.

Once again, like most MCU movies, the acting and characters are solid – but the story is shallow and a bit silly. Most of these popcorn movies are pleasing enough to enjoy on their own. This one works more like a giant infomercial for what is to come, and doesn't give you the satisfaction of a fully contained ride.

Justice League

15 Apr, 2018

This movie was savaged by the reviews – easy to see why. However, after seeing Infinity War; I am revising to say this is on par and I actually cared about the characters more.

DC is working with just 6, as opposed to MCU's cast of thousands, which made it easier to make connections.

I saw it on a plane, and it was worth the free price. Aquaman and The Flash are the two characters who redeemed the movie as entertaining enough to watch while flying.

Ready Player One

16 Mar, 2018

I enjoyed the book and was excited that the reviews coming in were not vicious. I'll be honest, I had low expectations and it hit about where I had expected. The novel is a nerd's fantasy that years of useless obsession will be the exact thing needed to make him a hero and save the universe. Like when Fry had to save earth from Nintendu64.

Spielberg bring in hi heavy handed schmaltz and pumps up side characters to make the story more about the power of friendship. It comes off more as a teen adventure movie, albeit better than most and would happily watch this over Hunger Games or Twilight any day.

Brave to make a teen franchise movie with no clear sequels. But like Tron Legacy, they stripped what made the story interesting in hopes of making mass appealing – instead it is just boring and formulaic.

As players hunt for clues that seem obvious, it comes off more like a well budgeted Where in the World is Carmen San Diego than the epic quest it could have been.

Black Panther

17 Feb, 2018

If I am going to spend a year watching super hero movies, this one was at least good. Solid acting, plot, effects, etc. You like the characters, and it does what Marvel does best; you also like the "villains."

The movie is epic but touches on a lot of human issues. It was very timely in today's political environment; asking comic movie watchers questions about isolationism, race, and our duty towards our fellow man.

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