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Night Train to Munich

20 Jun, 2020

It either created the genre of western shoot outs, or stole from them. It is a great thriller of crosses, double crosses, spies, smart dames, an international intrigue. It was shocking to see the 1940 UK version of a "concentration camp," So they knew that they existed and that they were brutal – yet everyone was fun glamours hair and makeup.

Cinema Paradiso

20 Jun, 2020

One of the those lovely slice of life, growing up, nostalgic movies that transports you back to post-WWII Sicily. Like movies loved by the main character, you feel that he is surrounded by and watching life – but never fully participating. He is an audience in his own life. The child actor was painful, as most children are. Instead of melodrama, you drive between small moments of cruelty, connection, hope, and drifting away. It give you the feeling of something that really mattered, but it was a long time ago.

North by Northwest

14 Jun, 2020

It hard to watch this and not see it as an updated versions of 39 Steps: innocent man dragged into a web of intrigue, spies, cool blondes, and cross country trains. It is slick update that focuses on hitting landmarks, exotic transport, and almost comical mishaps.

Liquid Sky

11 Jun, 2020

This movie so deliciously pre-dates any concept of trigger warnings. I harkens to punk art and confronting and challenging: society, the viewer, and the conversation in general. Everything is terrible, garish, overdone and brilliant. From the music to the whole esthetic, it skips between surreal and beautiful to punishing. Underneath all the impact and effect, is a real story of people as predators. Dressed up like tropical space warriors; people hunt for the next high, the next escape, the next affirmation, the next victim. People are means to your next end in a nihilistic hedonism that provides numbness and not pleasure. In the center, the main character dares us to look at her and cast our impressions upon her. She is a blank, painted by the audience, but defiantly refusing to be defined. What is gender, consent, murder, commerce, power?

39 Steps

08 Jun, 2020

I have never gone wrong with a Hitchcock, and going back to the original Hitchcock blond was a great choice. The movie certainly is of a time and more sophisticated audiences might find it quant. But the Scottish settings are a character in themself, and you are transported to a place between modernity and a long forgotten past. If you love the UK, it is a love song to great settings.

Giant Big One

23 May, 2020

Finally movie about teenagers that isn't out of a can, and not overly simplified. It was a unbelievable and horrendously realistic. It was painful to watch and affirmative.


16 May, 2020

From the initial setup, a Korean single mom and her young son go to Ohio to clean up and sell her recently deceased sister's house; to find a gruff old war vet watching the whole ordeal from across the driveway – you expect the worst. Watching the two navigate the house of a dead women that neither seem to know, and who lived a life of hoarding amps up the unease. Instead, it rolls out to be quiet film about settling in, the connections we make, the connections we loose, and how we make out homes. Driveways either become boarders between people, or paths to connect. It is a movie about all the small choices that make up living.


07 Feb, 2020

Can disembodied legs be a character? I remember liking the movie, but months later, it doesn't really stand out as memorable.


01 Feb, 2020

Have you ever gone to see trashy fun and struck gold? This movie was fun, heartbreaking, shocking. It was a dissertation of capitalism, the inherent instability of the American dream, and modern third wave feminism. This movie is more than we deserve.

Little Women

03 Jan, 2020

Do you want to see me cry? Because this is apparently how you do it. I had little interest in this, but was going with a group of friends. How many times do we need to see this story told again. Apparently, one more time! This time with flash backs, lesbian undertones, and all the feels! Who my independent little women?!?

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