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Then We Danced

11 Mar, 2021

I cannot recommend the movie enough. It is achingly true for anyone who remembers their first love and the stupidity and excitement of it all. It is set in the beautiful, depressing, and impoverished capital of Georgia; where toxic masculinity and social obligations choke down the characters world. The lead's effervesce and anger are the only possible rebuttal to his whole situation.

Stage Mom

10 Mar, 2021

If you want a feel good puff piece with a heart of gold, then this is your ticket. It is story that never offends, or shocks. You know where it is going from the moment it starts, and you are just along to enjoy the trip. Everyone is all charm and charisma and leaves you feeling like a nice visit from Mabel at the grocery store.


10 Mar, 2021

If I had any advice to offer, don't. I couldn't make it past the first 30 minutes. You would think a scene chewing musical that makes fun of Indiana would be right my alley; but, three songs in and I was logging off. There was just nothing joyful or fun. It felt as much fun as a Nancy Reagan anti-drug rally.

Mary Queen of Scots (2013)

24 Jan, 2021

IN preparation for Burn's Night, I watched this bilingual movie about the Queen of France, Scotland, and England; based on novel by an Austrian and bankrolled by the Swiss. The movie was just as confusing. It positions itself as a historical docu-drama; but quickly takes you into a beautiful, haunting, and claustrophobic nightmare. The flashback and dream sequences quickly undo the linear narrative and twist the structure into a classic tragedy, where the inevitable outcome is always looming eve closer. The main actress is enthralling, the scenery and costumes are gorgeous, the camera work swings wildly from Merchant Ivory to Evil Dead. It has all the elements of a European art film. Expect to leave impressed and depressed.

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