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Glass Onion

26 Dec, 2022

You can debate the first versus this semi-sequel; but it was fully enjoyable. Much more political and silly than the first, I found it and all the scenery chewing enjoyable. It really harkens to the best Agatha Christie, where you are given lots of ridiculous characters and circumstances that devolve into a circus - in the best possible way.

Hocus Pocus 2

31 Oct, 2022

Don't lie, you know we are all going to watch it.

I would argue it was better than the first, which endures not because it is good, but because you feel so good despite how cheesy it was. This keeps the feel good and cleans up some of the cheese.

Yellow Canary

15 Oct, 2022

A tense and atmospheric war time spy thriller.

Watch it and enjoy.


24 Sep, 2022

I saw the trailer and thought I was getting another Persepolis. It was much more of a gut punch. The film is animated as a way to anonymize and protect the people filmed. Driven by a real interview, the movie tells how loosing your home, being a refugee, being made an illegal human damages your humanity. Anyone who has an opinion about immigrates, should watch this. For more of human history than not, for more of people than not; we have been forced for flee. If not us, not to distant relatives or ancestors, friends or neighbors. The caustic power of politics, indifference, fear, and greed corrode civilization and the people caught in these moments in history. It was a very personal journey through trauma and trying to reclaim your right to exist.

The Bob's Burgers Movie

11 Sep, 2022

Is this a brilliant who-done-it? No. It is a good movie? Yes. Once again, Bob's surreal universe provides some of the most real human relationships and honest family moments. The movie is essentially a long episode that allows each of the major character to have their own story arc. Unlike other fan fav franchises, this movie didn't waste time with fan service and running a character hit parade. It felt like a tight script with no wasted moments.

Thor: Love and Thunder

10 Sep, 2022

Meh. I mean, there are some silly moments, but there is a lot of formulaic could care less to get through this junk food movie. After Thor's previous outing, I came to this with high hopes and was left underwhelmed. Totally skippable. Watch Hot Fuzz instead.

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

20 Aug, 2022

I could give a detailed account of all the glaring problems with this movie, but that would be way more thought than the people who made it gave to making it. It is just dumb. It isn't even fan service. Characters that we have grown to be very interested in (Wanda) are traded off for a cheap plot that seems like it came from am alternative universe.

The Courier

15 May, 2022

It would seem like a preposterous plot, expect it was a real story. Like all films of this ilk, it hits you with a cut to the real life people at the end of the film and what happens afterwords. It was a tight movie with little wasted time. All the actors play their parts closely and result is a tense and realistic feel of what it must have felt like to be a semi-professional spy during the cold war. Instead of glamor, it gave us broken promised, tattered relationships, and people just trying to do what they can and what they see as right. Above all, it showed how much duty can drive a person.

Wreck It Ralph Wrecks the Internet

24 Apr, 2022

It's cute. It is not great, but it is very enjoyable. It is worth it just for the princess gag.


09 Apr, 2022

This movie deserves all of its awards and accolades. From amazing acting, gorgeous direction, and touching and impactful story. A whole tectonic shift it history and culture is told through the eyes of a child witness, reducing the impossible scope to human scale. The movie moves with such wonder and intimacy.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

27 Mar, 2022

This movie blew my mind! Not that it was great, but they actually had a Spider-Man sequel that was not trash. It was very enjoyable and brought a lot of fan service at all levels. After decades of being invested in Marvel and Spider-Man, it was impossible to not smile and clap along with each nod and wink to the fans.

The Pagan King

25 Mar, 2022

If you ever need Lithuanian travel inspiration; this movie delivers. The story is cultural myth delivered with enough action to make any Marvel movie jelious. It is hard to judge the acting, as it was all dubbed and everyone is trying to a be a stoic warrior. It was fun to watch and the scenery is gorgeous. Just natural setting after natural setting punctuated with stylish violence and braveheart-esque speeches about freedom and bravery,

Another Man's Poison

13 Mar, 2022

You can tell it started as a suspenseful, one room play. I love this type of economic writing and direction. It feels small, but also feels like there are no wasted minutes. Like a lot of noir, the formula and tricks seem obvious, especially to modern audiences. Betty owns the screen with all the melodrama.

Swan Song

12 Mar, 2022

Probably one of my favorite Udo Kier movies I have seen to date (and I have seen Barbed Wire). It is rough and certainly indie at times with some questionable acting; but Udo owns the show – as he should. Set in Sandusky, this rounds out Todd Stephens Sandusky trilogy. It is a bitter sweet reflection of a life well lived.

The Man in the White Suit

26 Feb, 2022

They said it was a comedy. It was mildly funny, at best. It was interesting to see the cynical view of capitalism and the people involved, but otherwise, it was a mildly interesting, historic curiosity piece.


02 Jan, 2022

Is there singing? Heart warming story? Family overcoming their own history? Secrets uncovered? Yes. But did I love it? Eh. It was okay. While very intellectually well constructed, it failed to hit the rhythms that allowed me time to connect. The main character's arc is immediately obvious from the first line. The grandmother is too awful, then too quickly redeemed. What it lacked in feeling it tried to make up with rapid fire songs that delivered lots of information but still failed to land.

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