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Date Started

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Date Finished

November 26, 2010


I was getting ready for a sleep over party where a couple of friends/family gather and have our holidays away from our real families...I like to think of it as the low cost alternative to family consoling. This year I wanted to make everyone a pair of flannel slippers for padding around in and keep your feetsies roasty toastie. If you had seen the [TShirtQuilt], you know I was on a winter flannel frenzy.

I got the idea out of Sew Hip Magazine, which is really just a simple set of pockets that criss-cross over a sole to make a slip-on slipper. I did the bottom of the soles in non-slip fabric, the insoles in comfy terry cloth, and did a thick layer of batting in between to make them soft. The tops were made from flannel, which i found out is very flammable and wherever you buy they advise you that it is not for children's pajamas, as they will inevitably spontaneously combust. (If only it were that easy!)

Once I had my pattern down, the sweat shop began and I started to turn those puppies out.