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Date Started

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Date Finished

October 10, 2010


This was a one day project that I really enjoyed. (Thank God for my server, otherwise, this never would have been so quick!) Being the high school dork that I am, I have had a lot of chances to gather a collection of old t-shirts, many from various plays, years of marching bands, debate teams, etc. Other ones are just cool t-shirts that i still liked but had too much self-respect to wear them out in public.

I saw some crafter article about a company that would make quilts out of your old t-shirts. Why pay money when you can pull your own hair out instead? It was actually easy, found my 20 t-shirts and cut 16 inch squares from each one. Then I used my serger to make 5 squares into a strip, then my 5 strips into a 5x4 quilt.

I bought some green (you know I loves my green!) flannel with white polka dots for the back. Being a smallish quilt, i was able to attache the back myself by doing the edges with my server and then top sticking on the seams. The entire thing is stuffed with this bamboo batting that Is really soft. I washed it before hand to "pre-shrink" or so I thought. It turned into a lint-monster, but the whole quilts seems to have lasted better for it.