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July 21, 2020

Continuing my into old movies during lock down, I found this old gem. Turns out that it was so well received, that they made two sequels, which were not well received. But this never made it to my radar in all my years as a James Bond fan. This was a grittier, less gadgets and glam take on Brit spies in the 60s. London looks dirty. The flats look lived in. And I have never seen James Bond at a grocery store. But the realistic background combines with such deadpan acting that I don't know if they are just that British, or the acting that stilted. It dives into the 60s paranoia with mind control and western democracies growing fear of our own governments and their corruption. Unconventional music and camera angles give it a high 60s aesthetic and Micheal Cain is not his normal suave gentleman, but more of a blokey Brit bashing in the baddies. It stands up well.