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Date Started

February 04, 2012

Date Finished

March 10, 2012


See: Blog Story about this quilt.


Back the the Sewing Arts Center, this time for a quilting class with Susan. It was an ambitious class with lots of "homework." In five weeks we were supposed to emerge with a fully done quilt. As you can see by the dates, I went a little long.

During my six weeks, I managed to cut, burn, and freeze my quilters thumb, so I blame my speed on that. Quilting is a marathon to any of my other sewing projects races. Second, quilting is more about cutting and ironing, compared to that, there is hardly any sewing at all. Cutting and ironing are also very dangerous to my thumb.

We used a simple pattern that offered a lot of variety for choosing and arranging fabrics, so even though you have a whole class using the same pattern, they all looked remarkably different. In the class we learned the basics of quilting and a lot of practical tipes on types of fabric, how to keep is straight, ways to fudge our mistakes, and how to keep organized.

If you have an OCD streak that just isn't getting enough attention, quilting is certainly for you.