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Date Started

March 04, 2017

Date Finished

March 16, 2017


I had been sitting on 8 yards of a brown wool plaid for a couple of years. I had dreams of making a kilt, but couldn't quit figure it out. Plus, once you took into the edges and the length to set the plaid; I doubted that i had enough. Flash forward a couple of years and I had gotten my hands on 2 meters (The don't use yards in the U.K.) of cool green tweed. Stealing inspiration from 21st Century Kilts, I decided to make a "modern kilt."

To make it more modern, it was going to:

  • use non-tartan fabric
  • sit lower on the waist, closer to where slacks would fit
  • be longer and go to the bottom of my knee

I used all 8 years of the brown wool to make 22 pleats with about a 4.5'' inset, so they are very deep. I used the tweed for aprons, and joined them to the brown on the inside of the pleats. Like all sewing projects, the bulk of the work was done quickly. Then it took almost as much time finishing the buckles and the straps.

I added a side pocket made of scraps. It attaches to the inside with buttons, so it can be removed. I also added a leather trip to the side of the apron. I couldn't find waxed thread, so I bought linen thread and had to has it myself to make it work for the saddle stitch on the leather trim.

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