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This film needs a trigger warning for 70's racism and sexism and homophobia and well, the 70's. Oh, it also has stabbings, gunplay, and scene chewing. It is a loving sendup of our favorite detectives with knowing nods to the audience and all the ridiculousness of the genre that we love and cringe at simultaneously. The cast alone makes it gold, with most of the "knock offs" being superior to their original source material. Alec Guiness' quick character changes are a study in amazing over acting. Peter Faulk plays the best Peter Faulk you have ever scene. Magee Smith is giving you everything and all the shade, complete with martini. Any chance to see Elsa Lanchester is a delight. Peter Sellers is sure to offend in yellow face. It, and the cast, just go on. Niel Simmon's deadpan script provides his usual barrage of one liners and quick quips.