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October 03, 2008

It is hard to imagine two kids more cute and more likable that Nick and Norah. This sweet ambling "night in the life of" kids in New York could be a minor Breakfast Club for this generation. Its host of eclectic, yet real characters are scrambling from bridge and tunnel burbs into NYC to find a rumored secret show by everyone's favorite band. Instead of 80's style burb kids in the city thrills and scares (a la Adventures in Babysitting), NYC is shown as an amazing collection or excitement and wonder for the never sleeping kids. They maneuver bus stations, all night cafes, street parking, drag queen Christmas reviews, and relationships with youthful abandon. It is a great big world out there, and it is all for those who can stay up and join it! It was optimistic and touching. While the script was pretty much what you would expect from young adult lit, it was very enjoyable and the actors were great.